Snakes Among Us

It’s been a strange summer so far, started off cold and rainy then switched to 95+ temperatures. The blueberries are just starting to get ripe, which means our friends the cedar waxwings and robins stop by to rob us.

I had a big wad of plastic bird netting on the ground under the plants, ready to install and today was the day. I was sad to find that a beautiful blue racer (snake) had intertwined its 30″ body all through snake-acres of the stuff and was stuck tight, and, still alive. I have no idea how long it had been there but at least it was in a shady spot. Marvin and I carefully cut away all the netting, being careful not to further injure the snake’s scarred up body. He/she didn’t appear to have any serious injuries. I picked it up Steve Irwin style, close to the back end, and placed it under the quince tree where a pile of brush resides.

Snake coiled up and rested for about a half hour, then moved on. I will be sure to keep the netting off the ground from now on! That snake was probably the reason I haven’t seen many pocket gopher tunnels in my garden this year.

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