Robin’s Lighted Arted Design!

This is a box of the holiday tags that I marketed in the mid-1980s. I produced gift tag sets that included six designs in each little bag, with titles like Reindeerments, Santamonium, Pandamerrium, Kitten Kaboodles, and Fun Buns.

I created these little designs using pen and ink and overlays for the red bits. Hand color separation? Ask me about Ruby Lift! I hand-separated full-color tags, too. My hero at the time was children’s book illustrator Susan Jeffers. Check out The Three Jovial Huntsmen. Susan created the full-color pen and ink with watercolor effect in that book by painting yellow, red, and cyan overlays over the black ink drawing, in grey washes! She knew just the right tint needed for each color to create a full color painting. Amazing.

The printer I worked for allowed me to do my own cutting, trimming, and drilling so I only paid for the printing. Then my friend Denise collated the sets into little bags along with just the right amount of string, then she stapled each bag to a header card. I paid her ten cents a bag. Egad. We’re still great friends.

I bought several mailing lists, sent out brochures, and supplied displays. Robin’s Light-Arted Design Company made a profit! Not a huge one, but we bought a new refrigerator, which for us, was a serious chunk of money (still is). Then, thanks to having something fun to show to potential clients, I got busy with illustration jobs and Robins fizzled out. The leftover tags and greeting cards migrated to the attic. I guess now they would be called Remaindeerments.

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  1. Shez says:

    Love those tags!! Maybe time to bring Robin back. Amazing what we used to do, I was a “stripper,” that was in a print shop and the term they used to hand cut out the orange film to reveal the photo negative to print just the item with no background allowing the type setter to wrap the words around the picture. Ahh the number of totally worthless skills I posses is impressive but still worthless. I no longer use my hammer and chisel to write. 😀

    1. Robin Koontz says:

      Ha I was a stripper also, plus layout and paste-up! I still have my waxer. There is a site that features all the old tools, I sent a few photos…will email you.

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