Hand-made Books

A year or two ago I bought up a bunch of my pop-up books when they were remaindered (the remainder of inventory that the publisher wants to let go rather than warehouse any longer): Up All Night Counting and Creepy Crawly Colors. Now I’m officially an Amazon Bookseller, so be sure to come by for signed copies!

Robin’s Amazon Store!

It’s always fun to get an order for one or more of these books. There was a flurry of sales for Up All Night Counting recently and I tracked it down to a blogger who recommended the title for a unit about nocturnal animals. I love blogs like that! Anyway, the other day I received an order and when I went to print out the shipping label, it was addressed to the paper engineer of both pop-up books, Bruce Foster, who I’d lost track of several years ago.

Bruce creates some amazing pop-ups, including recent titles Puff the Magic Dragon
and Harry Potter.

So yay! Bruce and I are back in touch, I sent him a few extra books, and he sent me a couple of photos of the pop-up-putter-togetherers in China who assembled our creations:

creepy assembly

creepy assembly 2

These photos amaze me, because pop-up books are the last of the “mass-produced” hand-made books, especially given the digital age. The care we can see in how these pages are being handled shows that these folks just might feel the same way about how books were once created.

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