Digging Up the Past

I’m slowly cleaning out the house in preparation for our move to the Funny Farm (seriously), and am having fun uncovering stuff I’ve forgotten! Much of my early illustration work was created for School Zone Publishing. I really miss the greatest art director ever, as he was the perfect guide for a naive artist who needed serious direction.

For about 10 years we had great fun producing a lot of flash cards and activity books. I was also the illustrator for their first ever interactive software program Alphabet Express. It won some awards and is still available today!

What I dug up today were press proofs from a set of mix-and-match flash cards that we created in 1991 or thereabouts. The cards were cut into head, body, and legs so that kids could have a blast mixing and matching, or maybe not matching – which was the idea behind the fun! The fronts were color and the backs were black and white due to budget constraints. We incorporated surprises on the backsides for the kids who thought to turn them over! Here are a few of my favorites:




I was sorry not to find Mix and Match on the Zone’s website, but feel free to print these out and cut them apart. I won’t tell! But to note, they are copyright by School Zone Publishing (and me).

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sybilla Cook says:

    Really cute! How about a workbook with paper play things?

  2. Denise lynch says:

    These are so cool I don’t remember them, to bad they don’t bring them back!

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