The Rejection Wins

My paternal grandmother, Zola Koontz, aka Mrs. Wilbur Koontz, was one of many mid-20th century housewives who took a stab at jingle writing contests. It is a mystery why she sent this one again under her Mrs. Husband’s name rather than her own. But in any case, she won! $25.00 in 1947 had the same buying power as $275 today. She must have been very proud and happy that her writing was recognized. I read it and winced, but hey, it won!



However, the real winner in my book was the jingle I found on the back of her winning entry, for Mounds candy.


Brilliant! My memory of this woman, who was up in years by the time I appeared on the planet, would never say DATE BAIT or encourage the eating of CHOCOLATE. She was the grumpy old woman in the big chair who barked orders at my sweet grandfather and glared at me like I was nothing but trouble, which I probably was. She was very strict in her Christian ways, hated anyone who wasn’t white, any man who didn’t shave, and any woman who didn’t wear a dress in public. So it’s great fun to read something that my grandmother wrote that was clever, creative, and even a little naughty. It makes me glad to be related to her after all.

Her only daughter was just like her mom at least during my lifetime. She sent this to me before she died. I sort of doubt auntie noticed what was on back of the winning jingle. And I wonder what grandma brilliance she burned in the fireplace?

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